December 23, 2012

The End of 366 Days

Day 345 of my Drawing Project

When you spend so much time on something, you get attached. It happens with every piece of artwork I’ve ever created. But this year-long drawing project has become such a major driving force in my life and here we are with only a handful of days left… so how do I feel?

Relieved. Accomplished. Overwhelmed. Overjoyed...And sad that it’s nearly done.

This year has been an amazing journey. I’ve smashed the walls of my little comfort zone and met some truly inspiring people. I’ve found support for art and a cause that means the world to me and when I sit and try to wrap my head around this year – it’s just impossible! No matter what kind of crazy happened in my family and personal life – setting the goal to draw everyday with a purpose has made this year SO much brighter and more colorful than any 366 days I’ve ever known.

Now, you may wonder – what’s next? How do you follow a year like that?
A little rest, for one!
But I want to take everything I’ve learned on these tiny, daily canvases and make something MASSIVE and beautiful. Pumping inspiration into an artist’s heart on a daily basis does amazing things and I’ve been sketching and jotting down big ideas ALL year.

2013 is going to be year devoted to true, original creation. I want to go on another adventure! And if you’re up for it – I’d love to share this new year with you, too.  

Thank you to my family, friends, collaborators and supporters and the wonderful people at Alternatives to Violence(ATV) who made this project such a HUGE success!

Me on my 23rd Birthday!
All the love in the world, 

P.S. Stay tuned for the final tally of funds raised for the Safehouse!


  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed following your 366 project & look forward to seeing what you do next! Good luck! You're a real inspiration! xxx

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