December 31, 2010

The New Year

The New Year is hours away and the new start means a lot of different things to a lot of people all over the world. We set goals and resolutions and take time to reflect on the past year. We aim to break bad habits and start some good ones.

Most years in the past, I look back over the past year and am disappointed with the list of things I didn’t get around to. This year, though? 2010 has been one of my best, most meaningful years to date. Especially compared to last year. In 2009 I lost my grandpa and my biggest artistic inspiration. My mother was without a job for 13 months. I took up a job in fast food at Arby’s, which sent me into an 8-month creative dry spell. It’s hard to dream when you’re dunking fries in grease all day

But to follow that with a year I am proud of? Is nothing less than a blessing from God. I started LainyArt in April relying solely on faith. To see where I am today, compared to the day I held my first prints in my hands, is more than I expected when I started out. And I know there’s only more to come!

For 2011, I’d like to take the time to set some actual goals for myself.

1. First, I need to get my license. Most people get those at 16, not 21. Though I do not expect to have a car available for me to drive, it’s one of those steps in life that (here in America) tell you you’re an adult. To be honest, I hate driving. But in the future, I’ll need to be able to run my own errands cross-town.

2. I want to finish my novel. I’ve been working on it off and on for about 4 years. Writing and re-writing and… I’m finally feeling it’s time to write the ending and head down the publishing road!

3. Expansion! I need to reach more people through LainyArt and I’ve been dreaming up ways to do that. I hope to have some funds to do some advertising this year. (local and internet!)

4. One of my goals from the very beginning was to get an original of my work accepted into a local gallery for display. I will likely start with coffee shops and work my way up. It’s just one of those things I have to do. A marker of some sort, in my mind.

5. And (since my town is a fan of them) I’d love to set up a booth in one of our craft shows! It’s a great way to meet people face to face and spread the word around. (That’s and it’s a great reason to go overboard with beads and scrabble pendant stocks! :P

I think that about covers it! These are the big things I missed this year, so here’s to the accomplishments to come in 2011 for all of us! Happy New Year!