August 24, 2010

Efficiency, Presentation, and planning for the future.

So, I've been thinking. About efficiency. Presentation. Future.

One of my biggest advances in pursuit of a profitable living as an artist and jeweler has been creating my own little space to work. Having an area to keep, store, organize and display my work has done wonders in the amount of work I've been able to get done. Everything is right where I need it, when I need it. (And more importantly, out of the way of my family)

One of the biggest hold backs in being efficient is actually the time I spend on the computer, keeping up with marketing, listing, researching, and all that other good stuff. I'm slowly getting better at it, though. I manage websites in the morning with my cup of coffee, check emails and hop off to take care of the house. (dishes, laundry, cleaning, pets) I try my best to be done on the computer by 9:00. It's simply a matter of not becoming distracted by all the shiny things on the net. :P

When it comes to presentation I've got the display of artwork down...well, to an art. But I'm kind of clueless on the aspect of jewelry display. I play with lighting and fabrics, angles and everything I can think of. What I really need is something unique...something more eye catching and professional. I'm just not sure what that is, yet.

But one of the biggest issues I've come to face is my Etsy shop. All of my artwork seems to have gotten lost among all the jewelry and the feel of the shop is not at all cohesive. Lucky me, there is a hopefully simple solution: Open a second store. One focused on my jewelry, one focused on my art.
The only problem with that is likely more time spent on the computer to promote both shops.

All in the hopes of a future. I dream of living by my art and I will do everything it takes to get there. I just wish it didn't take so long to learn exactly what it is I need to do. Regardless....I'm loving the ride, highs and lows. And I can't wait to see where this goes.

August 12, 2010

Been a while?

Life gets crazy, right? We all know the feeling.

In the past weeks I've learned a new love for commissions. There's something special in creating a work of art that's already tailored for it's owner and home.
But I never said it was easy! A week and a half ago, I sent out my first finished commission to London. Handing over that artwork into someone else's care was horrifying! I'm actually still nervously awaiting the news that it has arrived there safely....until then, I'll be on pins and needles. Is it odd that shipping it was harder for me than drawing it?

So, what about that other commission? That crazy huge one with the five portraits? It's mere hours of work from being completely finished and I honestly couldn't be any more excited. It's the biggest project I have ever taken on and I'm almost sad it's nearly over. Here's my progress and coming soon is the whole piece!

Here's a little clue on what is left to do: