October 3, 2011

Crazy Life

So things have been really quiet around LainyArt and I just wanted to give you all an update and let you know I’m still here and that the lull in updates is temporary! 

Over the summer, my little brother Colby has been through 2 major back surgeries resulting in 15 fused vertebra, a heart surgery, and two blood clots. I’m writing this update from his ICU room in the hospital as we work through and take care of his second blood clot. This is his 5th hospital stay since February and I’ve been by his side nearly 12 hours every day he’s been in the hospital(when I’m not sick myself :P) and ‘playing nurse’ when he comes home. Colby is a real sweetheart and big trouper, still optimistic and making jokes and friends with all his nurses. A real amazing guy, I tell you!

Around that, you all know about my wrist injury that kept me from drawing for quite a while – which is thankfully now healed! I’ve been sketching on and off here at the hospital and hopefully I’ll have a drawing to share with you all soon! I’m still working on commissions, too. I have 5 at the moment that I’m making progress on, so don’t worry!

I’ll do my very best to keep updated and creating!