February 16, 2011

Getting Creative in the Waiting Room

Today, I’ll be nervously waiting in the hospital while my brother has back surgery. Background noise from the TV, randomly passing people and typically bland d├ęcor does nothing for creativity… so I got to thinking….what does a person do when caught without a creative spark?
My first reflex is to turn to music. Whether the inspiration comes from the music, or the people who create it, music is always sure to set fire to my creative side and conjure up an idea to draw! Pick a song and let the lyrics create the picture for you.
No Ipod? Do some people-watching. Your mother likely taught you it’s not nice to stare, so try not to get caught! I love watching people’s behavior and reading their body language. You may notice something you never had before… perhaps a gesture to include in your newest story or an expression you’d love to capture on paper!
You know those magazines they place on coffee tables all over the room? They’re full of clear, beautiful pictures, yes? Draw one! Flip to a random page or search for one that catches your eye and draw away!
What if you don’t have any paper…no pencil? Easy solution: ask the front desk for a sheet of printer paper and a pen. I’m sure they won’t mind! (Especially if you give them both back when you leave… everyone loves to see doodles.)

At the top is my waiting room creation, a portrait from my imagination. I call her Dacia.