August 12, 2010

Been a while?

Life gets crazy, right? We all know the feeling.

In the past weeks I've learned a new love for commissions. There's something special in creating a work of art that's already tailored for it's owner and home.
But I never said it was easy! A week and a half ago, I sent out my first finished commission to London. Handing over that artwork into someone else's care was horrifying! I'm actually still nervously awaiting the news that it has arrived there safely....until then, I'll be on pins and needles. Is it odd that shipping it was harder for me than drawing it?

So, what about that other commission? That crazy huge one with the five portraits? It's mere hours of work from being completely finished and I honestly couldn't be any more excited. It's the biggest project I have ever taken on and I'm almost sad it's nearly over. Here's my progress and coming soon is the whole piece!

Here's a little clue on what is left to do:


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