August 11, 2011


I love challenging myself and giving non-dominant drawing another try was the perfect way to spend my afternoon today!  ((Feel free to click pics to zoom in!))

 Getting the lines right was hardest because my left hand still feels awkward with a pencil in it!

A little further along! Starting to get the hang of it?

Not too shabby? I had a lot of fun with it and will probably keep challenging myself to get better with my left hand. Have you tried it yet?


  1. don't worry! I love pencils too much not to share haha

    these look amazing! I've never tried drawing with my left hand however I use both my hands to shade at the same time when I'm in a hurry :D

  2. pretty amazing - I couldn't even write my name with my left hand!

  3. I've never considered drawing with my left hand. I'm curious to try it now! Stunning portraits, by the way. Is there a particular brand of charcoal you could recommend to me? I've always been interested in trying it out, but never had the courage.

  4. @Fluffy and Heather

    It's definitely a new challenge! It's been fun trying out different things with my left hand.

    For charcoal I use General's and Derwent. Both are great, so whichever is easiest for you to find, have a go! :D

  5. You are so talented, Lainy - wow! I'm a lefty, but use my right for some things, like cutting with scissors, but I definitely can't begin to draw like that with either!

  6. Wow! Very impressive. Hmmmm . . . if I were to use my dominant hand (my left hand) my picture would not turn out this nicely; that said, you have inspired me! I think it would be a fun challenge to use my left hand every once in a while. Thanks for the idea :)

  7. I love your blog design and your work is really amazing! I love to draw people but I can never make them look like something, you are really good! I found you through the art blog hop and I am now following your blog. Check out my blog!