September 19, 2011

How to Create Your Own Scrabble Pendant

What you’ll need:
Scrabble game tile
Glue on bail
Epoxy lens
Drawing paper
Acrylic paint
Glaze (I use polycrylic)
Tacky glue
Jewelry cement
Trace your tile using your pencil to outline your drawing space on your paper.
Create your art in any medium in your outlined square. Go crazy – this is the best part!
Cut around your design with your scissors. Use the same Scrabble tile you traced from to carefully trim each side to fit on top of the tile with no overlap.
It's important to make sure it fits, so trim little bits at a time until it is the perfect size. This part took a little practice for me, so you may want to try with a piece of scrap paper first.
Paint the sides of the tile with acrylic paint to match to your design. Do as many coats as you want - for mine, I layered blue acrylic paint and glitter... 'cause who doesn't like sparkles?
Seal sides of pendant with the polycrylic glaze. This may take 2 coats to reach the level of shine you want. Let your glaze dry completely because you will need to touch the sides of your pendant for the next steps.
Put a drop of tacky glue on the blank side of the pendant and use your paintbrush to evenly spread the glue over the surface.
Go all the way to the corners and edges!
Carefully position your trimmed design on the glue and press tight to remove any air bubbles. Make sure your letter is right side up on the back.
Ready your epoxy lens and very carefully position over your design. You only get one chance to get it straight, so take your time!
Press your lens tight to remove all gaps and air bubbles.
Use your jewelry cement (or something like DiamondGlaze) and put a small drop near the top of the letter side of your Scrabble tile. 
Set your bail into the cement and make sure it is straight. Let it dry design-side down until firmly secure.

Enjoy your new art pendant! You can string it on organza ribbon, ball chain, or snake chain - really anything you want.

Now, this pendant has already sold, but if you want something like it, I do custom pendants, too! Just message me with what you would like!

Have fun creating and let me know how you do!


  1. What a great tutorial -- and your hands are as pretty as your pendant! (Such lovely nails!) :)

    Thank you for leaving some love on my blog today. It's always nice to know someone is reading!

  2. @xinme

    Thank you so much!
    I just love your blog!

  3. Nicely done! How-to posts are a great idea all around. Very cute item you made! (I was a little afraid you were just going to glue a bail onto a tile. Which is silly because it wouldn't need a how-to post!) But you really have to do a teeny piece of art and then you get to make a one-of-a-kind thing. Which is very neat. :D

  4. Very nice artwork! I like the Visual arts depth.

  5. If not, you'll need to use lamp and glass or a window so you can flip your letter over and trace it onto the rough side of the heat 'n bond backwards.

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