June 21, 2010

Arts, Parks, and my Grandpa

As an art town, we have an event every summer called "Art in the Park" where local artists of all kinds gather in our largest park to show, share, and sell their work in booths and tents on the grasses. I'm hoping to team up with a friend and fellow artist of mine to buy a booth this summer and sell my artwork, prints, and paper bead jewelry.
Nothing is set in stone, but the idea's been keeping me excited and motivated towards my work! I'll try and keep you all updated as I do more research into it!

I love to keep as busy as I can, so I must say this past week has been wonderful. I'm building up both my paper bead jewelry collection and my artwork for galleries and coffee shops.(and possibly Art in the Park) I'm looking forward to starting on my "Peacock Dancer" drawing later this week as well as my second commission!

I'm only able to start on new projects because I have been able to finish another piece. My "secret project" was finished this past week and given to my mother on Father's day. It was her first father's day without her dad and she was so touched by the portrait. This one was actually incredibly difficult, more in an emotional sense than anything.
But as drawing has always done for me...it's helped me to heal and to remember someone very special that I love.


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