June 14, 2010

A Moment to Relax

I wish I could remember to update more often! There's so much to do and being done that I get a little distracted in my excitement! So here are a whole bunch of art updates for you!

Katherine Jackson is finished and I've already started in on Michael for the Family Portrait Project. It's been a new experience all around taking on a slew of 'firsts' all on in one piece! If I can remember them all, I'll list 'em later.

I also finished my first landscape and loved doing it so much I will probably take on another one!

I've always had a bit of an obsession with eyes, their infinite shapes and colors. Eyes are the way we express and are often a person's most memorable feature.
When I need a moment to relax, I often find myself drawing eyes. Today's was Penelope Cruz. I've always loved the character of her eyes. This one was created with Charcoal on Cannon Sketch paper 8"x12" and took me around 2.5 hours.


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