May 17, 2010

As Promised!

Here are my two latest pieces of paper bead jewelry! And these two are for sale if you happen to love them!

Anyway, I've finally got the paper situation all smoothed out. Odd how a single stray number can set a mess to everything. All I have to do is wait for it to arrive. In the mean time, I will be starting another Chalk and Charcoal piece to add to my ever-growing (and brand new) portfolio. It's a bit of a sunset landscape, with a lady viewing the colorful spectacle from her bricked castle wall. Yes. I may have spent a little too much time in the land of tales lately, but they do make for lovely scenes!

Also, a bracelet is on the way for a good friend of mine and my "top secret" portrait gift in graphite...which I'll share just as soon as it is given!

Off to get started!


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