May 7, 2010

The Life of a Starving Artist

<<"Magic" My latest Portrait

I’m obviously new to blogs but I suppose the best way to start is with a ‘hello’. I sign all my artwork with A.Ferguson, but you can call me Lainy.

I am what society considers a young ‘Starving Artist’. You’d think I would despise that particular title, especially in today’s wavering economy but it isn’t the title that matters or wages that go with it. It is the artist part that overshadows anything I might shy from.

I live to do what I love.

It is a dream within a confusing reality, but a dream I can never see myself let go. It defines who I am. When I forget, even the smallest piece of my heart is easily knit back into place with a careful line across a once blank canvas. Gift, talent, passion…I’ve never known a word to contain it…of course, creativity can never truly be boxed and neither can I.

After all, I am here to share it all with you. Hopes and dreams, tips and tricks, my latest work and projects. Tools of the trade and everything else that fills my fancy. And maybe a little of yours, too?


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