May 11, 2010

Paper Bead Creations

Life is full of walls. Places you cannot go and rules that cannot be set aside. But I promise you there is an escape. There are avenues of chance and release that exist in this rope-bound world.

For example: I create portraits that capture the essence of who people are. Chalk and charcoal blend together to form something that can last. Perhaps defy the rules of time. Just for a while?

But I like to do a little more than defy. I like to move the walls. . . So I venture out of them, just to see what lies beyond and know just how far the walls that surround me can be pushed. This past week I found a new alleyway of creation. Something small, simple, and


Paper beads! Who knew recycling could make something so lovely?

(Pics are huge so *click* to take a closer look!)


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