May 15, 2010

A First!

My first commission! Somehow it makes everything I've been working for seem a little more...official?

It will be a 18"x24" charcoal portrait of five! MJ's family, to be specific. It's bigger than any portrait work I've ever done before, so the challenge is something I'm really looking forward to. I live in a small town, so it is often hard to get the supplies I need from local stores so I am having to get it shipped in. Needless to say, the second that 'storm gray' charcoal paper arrives on my doorstep, I'll be diving in!

And even though it is sometimes understocked, the local Hobby Lobby can hold my attention for HOURS. New supplies! Mostly for my new addiction to paper bead and jewelry making. I'll have a couple new pieces up for you to see later this week. Until then, have a happy Sunday.


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