July 20, 2011

Left Handed?

I remember slow days at the start of the school year when teachers were still pulling together projects for the semester. In my first high school art class, the teacher encouraged us to try drawing with anything other than our dominate hand.

Students started using their feet, toes, mouths, and non-dominate hands to create art! I remember how horrible a simple flower looked and gained a brand new resolve not to use any one else's pencils after that day!

The little heart above is my second attempt at drawing with my left hand (the first being that day in high school) I was honestly surprised I could even get it to look like a heart!

I'm still patiently waiting for my right hand to heal from a little mishap so I can draw again, but the urge to create apparently can't be stopped!

Have you ever tried writing or drawing with your non-dominate hand before? How'd you do?


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