July 7, 2011

Portfolio Process

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The months have rolled around to July and I’m finally getting a start on the huge project of making and putting together a professional portfolio to take around to galleries and shops. This is the first baby step in reaching one of my biggest goals this year, so I want to do it right!

Being an avid Do-It-Yourself-er and Google user, I started the search on the internet for the best way to go about this seemingly simply project. But I wanted a walk-through for first timers from an expert who knew what they were talking about…no such luck.
I found lists and pointers, which have all been helpful… but what about the young artist who’s never actually seen a portfolio with her own eyes? Little troublesome to know where to start.

So, since there’s no step by step from an expert, I figured I’d write my own as I learn all the best tips, tiny details… and what not to do. I’m positive I’ll have plenty of those moments, too!


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