July 16, 2011

Portfolio Process –Step Two

Now that my portfolio has arrived (And I love it!), it’s time to focus on the art! I wanted to wait until I had the portfolio in my hands so I could measure the actual sleeves. I need to be confident in ordering the right size of prints. It’s nice to know that the measurements given for a portfolio are for the actual size of art you will need, not the outside measurements!

The portfolio I chose has 24 8x10in clear sleeves. Which can be doubled to front and back views to hold a total of 48 pieces of artwork.

Maybe you’re like me and that number, even the 24, is incredibly daunting. Sure, I could fill it with everything I’ve ever drawn… but the concept of a portfolio is to showcase your best work. The crème de la crème, so to say. That can be a tough one from the artist’s point of view. Every piece is special on a personal level. So how to you choose?

  • The first thing I looked at is a piece’s availability to the gallery/shop I hope to contact. If you have the original(especially if well-framed) make sure to include it. 
  • Another great place to start are any pieces that you have available for prints. Not only is this also a plus for the gallery/shop … but if you think it’s good enough to create prints, then it’s good enough to be included in your portfolio.
  • ‘Round out’ your portfolio. Don’t choose works from just your favorite medium. The people you are meeting with want to know what you can do! Make sure your portfolio is as diverse as you are.
  • MOST important? Be you! I was tempted to fill my portfolio with landscapes and still life works. But my love has always been in portraiture. Include what you love, not what you see already in the gallery. Why would they want to see more of the same? Include work that is unique to you.

Now that I have my portfolio and a selection of art (I pictured a few of my considerations up at the top!) It’s time to start hunting for the best price and quality in prints so I can start putting everything together!


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