July 8, 2011

Portfolio Process - Step one

The most important thing about creating a professional portfolio is having a case that looks professional. Simple, right? I thought so, too. The most helpful tips I’ve found when in search of a great presentation case have actually been common sense!

  • Keep it simple: It’s tempting to go over the top with a case that is bright and patterned but you are trying to showcase the art. You want your audience to remember you and your work, not the case it was in. Black and brown(neutral shades) are the best colors to look for in a clean and simple portfolio. 
  • Go with a firm cover. It will better protect your art and feels more professional in the hands of shop and gallery owners. (Who wants beautiful art flopping around everywhere?)
  • Size matters! So keep it portable and easy to handle. A 8x10in - 9x12in size is perfect.
  • Have a place for business cards, CD’s and notes. That way everything you may need during a meeting will be one place.

Jerry's Artarama
This is the one I chose, Available at www.Jerry’sArtarama.com. After research and going through this checklist, I felt this one was the best bang for my buck to meet my needs. What caught my attention was the easy-to-clean textured cover and the acid-free divider sheets that will act as a backdrop for my art. It also happened to be on sale. ;)
I’ve placed my order and it is estimated to arrive on the 12th!

Remember, if you’ve already been through this process, drop me a line! I’d love to know what you learned and how you feel about your own portfolio!


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